By choosing my chef service, you will not only be consuming high quality, healthy meals prepared to your exact specifications with the best sourced ingredients, but you will subsequently be feeling more energized, less tired and nutritionally more satisfied.  This will ultimately lead to eating less often which will lead to weight stabilization and overall better health.

I am passionate about food and cooking and am continuously keeping abreast of the latest discoveries in specialized healing diets and how I can combine flavors and textures in such a way as to bring healing to the body while satisfying the palate.

Whether I am working with someone who has special dietary needs or helping someone hone knife skills and become more confident in the kitchen, I take a proactive innovative approach to ensure the best experience possible.

You deserve a long, healthy life! Stop wasting time and money trying to do it all yourself. Invest in the long term health of you and your family!

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Menus are custom designed to meet any dietary restriction and food allergy.  I believe in providing fresh and nutritious dishes to inspire and create a pleasurable and memorable gastronomical experience.

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Healthy, Delicious & Nutritious Meals can be customized for the following specialized healing food diets:

  • Auto-Immune Paleo Diet

  • Candida Elimination Diet

  • FODMAPS Diet

  • GAPS Diet

  • Gluten-free Diet

  • Low Histamine Diet

  • Paleo Ketogenic Diet

  • Vegan Diet

  • Vegetarian Diet

  • Weston A. Price Diet

As the founder of Healthy Nourished Body, I thrive on helping people adopt a healthy diet without feeling deprived of the comfort food they love.

I specialize in healthy, nutritious, healing food.  I work with a wide range of clients to create nutritious, flavorful, customized dishes.

​Hours: 9:00 am-9:00 pm EST