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My company prides itself on listening to your specific needs and creating a menu of dishes that will help you achieve your goals. (Allergies, Weight loss, Candida, Auto-Immune Illness etc.)

About Ilia Regini

My name is Ilia Regini and I am the owner/founder of Healthy Nourished Body. My passion and expertise lies in creating customized dishes that are flavorful, nutritious and are aesthetically appealing to the eye.

Although I always consumed a healthy diet and lived a healthy lifestyle, it wasn’t until I studied nutrition and attended 3 health related culinary schools that health and healing took on a new meaning for me.

My culinary journey began at The Natural Kitchen School, a vegan cooking school followed by the prestigious Natural Gourmet Institute, a 619 hour chef training program and The Matthew Kenney Academy for Raw Food in Oklahoma.
My nutrition journey started at The Global College of Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, California followed by additional training in nutrition/exam to become a board certified nutritional consultant through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I obtained an MA in Integrative Health & Healing from The Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut.

Currently, I attend health seminars, lectures and participate in Webinars that discuss the healing link between food and illness. This is a fascinating new science that is continually evolving. Anything gleaned through this effort, is applied and reflected in my culinary creations.